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中国人的精神The Spirit of the Chinese People
Book Introduction


The spirit of the Chinese people is a representative work that comprehensively reflects Koo's cultural thought. The main purpose of this book is to reveal the spiritual life of Chinese people, publicize the value of Chinese traditional culture, and advocate the Confucian theory of saving the West. It is one of the representative works of Oriental cultural thoughts rising around the world before and after World War I. From the perspective of the history of culture and thought, this book is of great significance to the "disclosure" of Chinese spiritual life and the elaboration of the moral and spiritual value of Chinese culture.

作者介绍 Author Biography


Gu Hongming, from 1857 to 1928, was named Tang Sheng and named Licheng. Born in Penang, Malaysia, Nanyang, Fujian. Scholars, translators and literary theorists. Proficient in English, French, German, Latin, Greek and other languages, learning both Chinese and western. His representative works include respecting the king, China's Oxford movement, the spirit of the Chinese people, etc., and his English translations include Confucian classics such as the Analects of Confucius, the doctrine of the mean and the University. Keen to promote oriental culture to the West and maintain the national image, it has a great influence in the international community.

译者介绍 Translator Biography


Huang Xingtao, Professor of Renmin University of China, is a national candidate for the "new century ten million talent project" of the Ministry of personnel. At present, he is the dean of the school of history of Renmin University of China and the director of the Institute of Qing history, the national key research base of Humanities and social sciences. His representative works include the cultural history of the word "she" - A Study on the invention and identity of women's new pronouns, the pursuit of cultural history: from the perspective of modern China, and the translation series of Chinese images in the West. His main translation works include the spirit of the Chinese people, and he has published more than 100 academic papers.