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九针之名,各不同形。一曰铸针,长一寸六分;二曰员针, 长一寸六分;三曰鍉针,长三寸半;四曰锋针,长一寸六分;五曰铍 针,长四寸,广二分半;六曰员利针,长一寸六分;七曰毫针,长三 寸六分;八曰长针,长七寸;九曰大针,长四寸。馋针者,头大末 锐,去泻阳气;员针者,针如卵形,揩摩分间,不得伤肌肉,以泻分 气;锡针者,锋如黍粟之锐,主按脉勿陷,以致其气;锋针者,刃三 隅,以发痼疾;铍针者,末如剑锋,以取大脓;员利针者,大如驁, 且员且锐,中身微大,以取暴气;毫针者,尖如蚊虻椽,静以徐往, 微以久留之而养,以取痛痹;长针者,锋利身薄,可以取远痹;大针者,尖如挺,其锋微员,以泻机关之水也。九针毕矣。


The Nine Needles are different in name and shape. The first one is called Chanzhen (sagittate needle) ? 1.6 Cun in length; the second one is called Yuanzhen (round — pointed nee¬dle), L 6 Cun in length; the third one is called Dizhen (arrow - shaped needle),3. 5 Cun in length; the fourth one is called Fengzhen (sharp needle)9 1. 6 Cun in length; the fifth one is called Pizhen (sword 一 shaped needle),4 Cun in length and 0. 2 Cun in width; the sixth one is called Yuanlizhen (round - sharp needle),L 6 Cun in length; the seventh one is called Haozhen (filiform needle),3、6 Cun in length; the eighth one is called Changzhen (long needle), 7 Cun in length; and the ninth one is called Dazhen (large needle),4 Cun in length. The Chanzhen, marked by large head and sharp tip,can be used to reduce Yangqi; the Yuanzhen,ovoid - shaped,can be used to press muscular interstices to reduce Qi ⑷ without damaging the muscles; the Dizhen, as sharp as minute millet,can be used to press the Channels to promote the flow of Qi without penetrating into the skin; the Fengzhen, triple - bladed,can be used to treat obstinate diseases; the Pizhen, as sharp as a sword, can be used to remove pus; the Yuanlizhen,like a piece of long hair which is round - sharp and thick in the middle part,can be used to treat acute diseases; the Haozhen, as sharp as the mouth of a mosquito, can be used to treat pain and Bi - Syndrome by light insertion, mild thrust and lift and long retention [of the needle for the purpose of] invigorating [Zhengqi (Healthy - Qi) ]; the Changzhen, sharp and thin, can be used to treat chronic Bi - Syndrome; the Dazhen, like a stick, slightly sharp and round,can be used to reduce retention of fluid in the joints. This is a general description of the Nine Needles. ’’