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Squareness and Roundness
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Nothing can be accomplished without rules and regulations. Whatever the form of the media, whether online or offline, "big screen" or "small screen", none is beyond the rule of law .Those in charge of administration must fulfill their responsibilities and strengthen the management of new media in accordance with the law to ecsure a cleaner cyberspace.
Part of the speech at the 12th group study session of the Political Bureau of the 19th CPC Central Committee
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“Squareness,” used in collocation with “roundness,” refers to the shapes and properties of things, or sometimes to the methods and rules of making things square or round. Ancient Chinese believed that heaven is round and earth is square. Heaven revolves, accommodates, and harmonizes. Earth, in contrast, is still, firm, and straightforward. They argued that humans should conduct themselves in imitation of the ways heaven and earth operate, and be “round” on the outside and “square” within, meaning that people should be suitably flexible but firm on issues of principle. In artistic and literary creation, especially in calligraphic creations, ancient Chinese held that regular script should be “square” whereas cursive script should be “round.” However, no matter which type of script is adopted, squareness and roundness should be applied in harmony with each other.
Even with Li Lou’s keen vision and Gongshu Ban’s skillfulness, theycannot draw either a square or a round shape without using a compass or aruler. Even with Shi Kuang’s sharp ear for music, he cannot adjust the five noteswithout using the six pitch-pipes. Even with Yao and Shun’s enlightened methods,they cannot run a country well without practicing benevolent governance.
文有圆有方 ,韩文多圆 ,柳文多方 ,苏文方者亦少 ,圆者多。
The writings of some authors can be round or delicately nuanced,whereas others can be square, or straightforward. Many of Han Yu’s essays areround, and many of Liu Zongyuan’s are square, while Su Shi’s writing is more roundthan square.
(Li Qiqing:The Essentials of Writings)
Squareness and roundness are the core essence and useful complement ofregular script and cursive script. The merit of regular script is squarenesswhereas the merit of cursive script is roundness. Only when squareness iscomplemented by roundness and roundness is complemented by squareness can true calligraphicexcellence be achieved.
(Jiang Kui: Subsequent Commentaries on Calligraphy)