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实业计划Industrial Plan
Book Introduction

《实业计划》亦名 《国际共同发展实业计划》,孙中山关于振兴中国实业实现国民经济近代化的专著。1919年用英文写成,由朱执信、廖仲恺等译成汉语。该书反映了孙中山关于中国国民经济近代化的宏伟理想和具体规划。规划由六大计划组成,主要内容是:在中国北部、中部、及南部沿海修建三个世界水平的大海港和一系列二、三等海港及渔业港;以三大海港、五大铁路系统为中心建立遍布全国的水陆交通运输体系;全面开采煤、铁、石油等矿藏和兴办冶炼、机械制造工业;发展满足人民衣食住行需要的近代工业,实现农业机械化。

Industrial Plan, also known as The International Development of China, is Sun Yat-sen's monograph on revitalizing Chinese industry and realizing the modernization of national economy. It was written in English in 1919 and translated into Chinese by Zhu Zhixin and Liao Zhongkai. The book reflects Sun Yat-sen's grand ideal and concrete plan for the modernization of China's national economy. The plan consists of six major programs: three world-class seaports and a series of secondary and tertiary seaports and fishing ports along the northern, central and southern coasts of China; With the three major seaports and five major railway systems as the center, the land and water transportation systems have been established throughout the country. Coal, iron, oil and other mineral resources in an all-round way are developed, and to set up smelting and machinery manufacturing industries; modern industries are developed that meet the people's basic needs for food, clothing, housing and transportation and realize agricultural mechanization.

作者介绍 Author Biography
Sun Yat-sen, name Wen, also knowns as Yixian. The forerunner of China's modern democratic revolution, the founder of the Republic of China and the Chinese Kuomintang, and the advocate of the Three Principles of People. From 1917 to 1920, he wrote Sun Wen Theory, The International Development of China, Civil Rights Preliminary, collectively known as Founding Strategy.
译者介绍 Translator Biography



Zhu Zhixin (October 12, 1885 -- September 21, 1920), originally named Da Fu, Literary named Zhixin, was born in Xiaoshan County, Shaoxing Prefecture, Zhejiang Province (xiaoshan District, Hangzhou City today). He was born in Panyu, Guangdong Province (yuexiu District, Guangzhou City today) on October 12, 1885. He was a revolutionist and thinker of the bourgeois revolutionary democratic faction in modern China.

Liao Zhongkai (April 23, 1877 - August 20, 1925) , male, formerly known as En Xu, also known as Yi Bai, and Zhongkai. He was born in the village of Yaoqian, Chenjiang Town, Guishan County, Guangdong Province (now a happy village in Chenjiang Street, Zhongkai High-tech Zone, Huizhou City, Guangdong Province), and was originally from Chengjiang Town, Meixian County, Guangdong Province. Liao Zhong-kai is an outstanding representative of bourgeois revolutionaries, a well-known political activist during democratic revolution. Liao was good at poetry and calligraphy, and his writings were compiled in Liao Zhongkai's Collection, Shuangqing Wenji (volume 1).