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Fairness Fosters Discernment and Integrity Creates Authority.
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To accomplish their noble mission entrusted by the Party and people, judicial, procuratorial, and public security organs must enforce the law strictly and administer justice impartially. As a Chinese sage put it, “Fairness fosters discernment and integrity creates authority.” We should uphold our professional conscience and enforce the law for the good of the people. We should guide judicial, procuratorial, and public security officers to act within the bounds of their professional code of conduct, never tolerate what the people detest, act quickly if the people so require, and strictly administer justice with awe-inspiring integrity.
Speech at a central conference on judicial and law enforcement work
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Only by being fair can one distinguish between right and wrong; only with moral conduct can one establish authority. These mottoes were used as reminders by upright officials of the Ming and Qing dynasties. Gong (公) means fairness and opposing pursuit of selfish interest. Ming (明) means discernment, namely, the ability to distinguish right from wrong. Lian (廉) means free from corruption. Wei (威) means authority or credibility. Today, these teachings have remained important principles which office holders should abide by. They mean that governance should be exercised in a fair and just way and within the framework of laws and regulatory procedures of the state. Officials should lead by example, have moral integrity and be self-disciplined; they should put public interests above their own and not use their power to pursue personal gain.
Officials have a sense of awe towards me not because of my being strict with them, but because of my upright conduct. People accept my authority not because of my ability, but because of my fairness. If I am fair, people will not dare to disobey my order; if I am morally upright, officials will not dare to deceive me. Only by being fair can one distinguish between right and wrong; only with moral integrity can one establish authority.
(Nian Fu: Mottoes for Officials, from a stone carving)